Digital Monsters and More

Digital Monsters and More

This week’s digital offerings include debut graphic novels from two incredible artists, an old favorite re-entering the fold, and a few massive backlist publications.

First up is one of the most talked-about debut graphic novels in the last decade — My Favorite Thing is Monsters Book 1 by Emil Ferris. Set against the political backdrop of late ’60s Chicago, this fictional graphic diary of 10-year-old Karen Reyes is filled with B-movie horror and pulp, while she tries to solve the murder of her holocaust survivor upstairs neighbor. Read this masterpiece for yourself through comiXology and Google Play.





Mexican multimedia artist Charles Glaubitz also delivers Starseeds — a debut graphic novel today, full of myth, religion, science, and spirituality. Light travels through space and brings a prophecy of the Crystal Sigil. At the same time, the secret society of the Illuminati begin to create a new element. Can the Starseed Children win this epic battle? Find out on comiXology and Google Play.





Max Andersson returns to Fantagraphics with The Excavation, a surreal story based on the author’s dreams and the German Expressionist movement. Drawn in Andersson’s signature heavy blacks and slashing pen-and-ink style, the intense, claustrophobic feel of the pages recall cult films like Eraserhead. Read it today on comiXology.






Opening up our backlist vault this week, we have over 1,000 pages of Bill Mauldin magic. For the very first time through comiXology, you can now read these two impressive collections on your tablet:

Willie & Joe: The WWII Years

Willie & Joe: Back Home