SDCC 2015: Fanta Staff Picks

sdcclogoHas your months of pre-planning, saving, and defensive stretching prepared your body for the impending San Diego Comic-Con? Well you’ve probably done as much as you can at this point, so to help make your life a little easier we’ve painstakingly selected some titles to help as you slog through bodies upon bodies of con-goers. (I say painstakingly because we love all of our books and these were really hard to choose!) You can pick up these books and pick our brains at booth #1718 from July 9-12th.







20150625_125240Marc P.

Be warned, nothing gets more bleak than a good old post-apocalyptic tale. However, Josh reveals some real heart and emotion while lightening up with some black humor.
Contemporary: The Amateurs
A very unpredictable and captivating book. A darkly entertaining comedy with the kinetic feel of an early black and white comedy but through a Lynchian eyepiece.
Classic: Creeping Death From Neptune
An excellent example of a passionate artist doing everything in their power to succeed and ultimately be an enormous influence. Read this and see if you have the same dedication and drive if you think you’re ready to be a working cartoonist.

IMG_8202Eric R.

Simply the best one man comic book series of all-time, in a package worthy of its greatness.
Contemporary: Angry Youth Comix
Lowbrow humor at its most exquisitely hilarious, inappropriate, contrary and confrontational. A 450 page howl of disgust for traditional family values — what’s not to love?
 Classic: Barnaby
Nothing balances a child’s sense of wonder with a weary adult skepticism like Crockett Johnson’s masterpiece. A timeless classic that reads as fresh at it did a half-century ago. Mr. O’Malley is on the Mount Rushmore of great strip characters, along with Wimpy, Charlie Brown, et. al.


IMG_2072Anna P.

You up the punx when you step into this newest book by Liz Suburbia, Sacred Heart. This elastic realist setting of an adult-less town full of young punks and mysterious deaths, blends youthful punk idealism and fun, with complicated relationship drama. I love this book because let’s face it, I still go to basement shows, have stick-and-poke tattoos, and own audio cassettes of all my friends shitty bands.
Contemporary: Megahex
We all remember those shitty stoner friends from high school. Now imagine those shitty friends are a witch, her cat, and an anthropomorphic owl struggling with depression, their addictions, and beings dicks to each other. All this is beautifully illustrated into some of the most heartbreaking and hilarious pages I have ever read.
It’s hard to over-state the importance that Peanuts has played in the world of comics, and in American culture, for the past 65 years. Which means it’s never a bad time to go revisit the old gang in their early years of football pranks, great pumpkins, blankets, and loyal dogs.


 Jacq C.

Jason can evoke more emotion with 7 thin lines in a 2×2 inch panel than many painters can express in large scale acrylic masterpieces. The king of subtle deadpan humor, the latest collection of Jason’s short stories combines off-the-wall funny with kick-you-in-the-teeth depression.
Contemporary: Massive
The best illustrated graphic gay sex one could ever hope for. #buttstuffcomixxx
Classic: witzend
The very first self-published comic in the history of the medium, Wally Wood brought together the most talented cartoonists of the time to create an anthology of the early days of truly underground comics.

FullSizeRender (4)Britta B.

New: Not Funny Ha-Ha
Though about 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, speaking about the experience is far less common than the procedure. Not Funny Ha-Ha is not a book about the choices women make, but rather, about what happens after they’ve decided. This is a book that demystifies the process with humor, warmth and empathy. The charming illustrations and non-judgmental exposition are like a friend’s hand to hold. It is both beautiful and important and I’m so glad that this book exists.
Contemporary: Wuvable Oaf
I developed an insta-crush on Oaf- a (very) hairy ex-wrestler; living in SF, dating metal dudes, fostering kitties, making dolls and listening to Morrissey. This book is as queer as it is endearingly sweet. The “Worst Dates Ever” panels are some of my favorite bits in this collection. Very wuvable indeed.
Classic: Nancy Loves Sluggo
An iconic classic and minimalist masterpiece, reverently collected in this latest volume. Bushmiller’s art is brilliant in its simplicity and the (admittedly corny) gags are totally timeless. The precocious protagonist is also sassy as fuck. Nancy loves Sluggo and I <3 Nancy.