Winter Season 2016 Preview Part Four: Comics Dementia


COMICS DEMENTIA By Gilbert Hernandez


In the bygone days when graphic novels were just comic books, much of the innovation that sprung from the medium stemmed from the need to fill thirty-two pages (or so) of a comic with new material. Some cartoonists, when faced with those blank pages, fed the maw with unbridled id, and this is where the weird, the wonderful, and the wild flourished. Comics Dementia collects the best of such work by Gilbert Hernandez, one of Earth’s greatest living cartoonists. Most of these stories haven’t been available since their original appearance in comic shops in the 1990s, and this book contains unexpected treasures, oddities, and rarities from outposts of the Love and Rockets galaxy. Saints, sinners, and the Candide-like Roy mingle in jungles, in fables, in outer space: in cocktail lounges and living rooms. Ditko meets Melville meets Bob Hope—but the party really starts bumping when the Alfred E. Neuman of the Love and Rockets-verse, Errata Stigmata, makes her entrance.

$19.99 Paperback
192 pages, black and white, 7 1⁄2” x 9 1⁄4”
ISBN: 978160699907-3

Comics Dementia will be released in January of 2016 and will be available for pre-sale closer to the publication date.